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Vitesse mk2 service


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Hi I have a 1970 mk2 vitesse that could do with a engine service and having the carbs,cd150s, set up correctly. I have tuned them myself with a colour tune and carb balancer but really would like to have them correctly set by a professional. Does anyone know or could recommend someone in the south east London/kent area. Many thanks


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if you want to run up tp sunny Luton id be pleased to run through what youve done,


if you have used clourT and balanced what other improvement wold you expect, is there some other undelying problem ??


remember there's no magic with these just stick to basics, when supplied to the line they would have purely been set to

a jet height and a thottle stop , and whacked on and they would run , flow settings and more stringent pre set controlls where not about when these were designed .


if the basics are correct they do their job,

but if you fancy a run a cuppa and a overview , let me know


I did manage an emission workshop for 10 years in the 70/80s


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