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Happy Christmas

Pete Lewis

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Lets wish everyone a Merry Christmas , and a Happy New Year

lets hope all the effort to introduce solutions , banter , daft ideas and

the occasionally expert bit of useful diatribe from everyone on here has been all worth it , happy reading and writing keep at it.

have a good time , a little tipple and look forward to a cracking driving season

with sunshine ans smiles in 2017


Who said thread drift ....



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Hi Pete

I second your sentiments, I took my car out yesterday as it was dry sunny but very cold, then my wife had a good idea she suggested turning the heater on, I am so used to driving with the top down I completely forgot my Herald had a working heater. Am I know officially senile?



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Merry Christmas All!  


My GT6 is now wrapped up for the winter in its bubble at the back of the garage plugged in to the Ctek till spring !


Banter always brings a smile !  :D


Thanks all for your help - will report back on various threads if I get anything resolved over winter  - especially the air scoop thoughts - had a few more ideas on that one!


And a happy new year to you all



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