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Mixing dampers


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Monroe are pretty much bog standard dampers. So no, it won't upset the handling, and assuming the old dampers are worn (you may be surprised, I have replaced dampers and found the 20+ year old ones are stiffer (in a good way) than the new replacements) should improve matters. The black standard (ie cheap) dampers just about do the job, but for many people are adequate.

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Monroes are fine , good standard shocker , up market from the multitude of black  looks like a shocker thats always available


unless you have deep pockets and access to a chassis  dyno its very difficult to DIY settings that cover all ride conditions,many of us 

leap into the trap of Ooh  Argh   shiney,  adjustable  aftermarket bling and upgradeable stuff 


  having spent a fortune many wont say well its actually worse.. ...that spoils the fun, but  unless you are seriously into hybrid specs , for  serious modifications  many add on's are very hard to  improve in a shed what manufacturers do with development/.experimental and dynamometer measured specifications, 


  but dont let that spoil your fun



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When I changed the rear dampers on my Vitesse some on offer had to long a compressed length although the extended length was correct. When pointed out to the supplier that his did not allow any spring travel the only reply was that the part was correct, fitted a pair from a different place.





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