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Spitfire hood


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Hi there


I need to replace the hood on a MkIV spitfire. This is a job I haven't tried before and is towards the end of a restoration (it isn't yet taxed).  Any help on the following would be really useful.

  • What are the pros and cons of the various types of hood? Is it worth the extra to get either a DD or Mohair version?
  • If you get a hood, will the fittings come with it? If not, what do I need?
  • The body has no attachments at the moment, so I will need to drill and fit the popper studs. What are there tips and trick to get this right?
  • When it comes to fitting the hood, again - what tips and tricks are there?
  • I will now be storing it under a cover and under cover (but in an open sided shed. Is it better to try to fit the hood "soon" or wait for warmer weather? (I have heard that it best done in warm weather or inside and I don't have a big enough "inside")
  • Are there any online videos or picture sthat will help?
  • Anything else I need to know?

Thanks in advance.

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In answer to your queries, here's my humble Opinion: 


1. If your going to keep the car for any length of time then I'd go for a Mohair hood, Everflex type vinyl will be cheaper than Mohair but is better than the basic Vinyl stuff though if money is an issue? I've never had any experience of Double Duck type hoods so can't comment?

2. Depends who you buy it from but most won't include all the poppers and fixings, although most of the specialists should be able to supply everything needed. 

3. When drilling holes in body work Measure twice and drill once! Masking tape to help mark up should help and be carefull!

4. Get help when fitting, start at the rear and make sure its central, do a search on the Web for hints and tips, but you may need some Glue for temporary fixing at the front? 

5. Best to fit the Hood under warm conditions and lay it out in a warm room for a couple of days prior to fitting.

6. Not sure about Video's but Youtube may have something, do a search?

7. Not a difficult job on a Spitfire, but another pair of hands is always usefull, if you do have a go take your time.


I can recomment the Don Hood Co. for the Hood and if your not sure on fitting it they can do that for you too.





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I am very disappointed with the club shop hood for my Mk 3. I believe they are from Don Hoods, The side flaps inside the windows are not long enough to reach the windscreen by about an inch. I've reported this to Garth. Perhaps the Mk IVs are better.



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I have bought Club hoods in the past and found their quality to be extremely good. 


Small hoods usually mean they were on the bottom of the pile when it was cut; i.e. the panels are cut in batches with the cloth laid on top of each other.  If the cutter is not dead upright the bottom panels will be either too big, or too small, or out of shape.  If you have such a hood, most manufacturers will replace them without any quibble.


As an aside, if you wash your hood with detergent you will gradually wash the colour out.  Never use detergent, brush the hood off and use plain water to keep it clean.




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