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All Triumph and classic day at IWM Duxford 10th September 2017

Pete Lewis

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Herts and Beds will be holding our 24th All Triumph Day at Duxfords Imperial War museum in Cambridgeshire

located on the A505 we will be located on grass next to the static outside aircraft, this is because the old hangar base is being used for a special 100years of Duxfords past which will be included in the admission, this is discounted from the normal if you attend this with a advert , membership card or be in your classic

prices have risen this year and we have had to round this up to £14 adult ans £6.30p for 5 --15 yearolds. This will include a free prize draw

Club shop and refreshments will be on site as usual

entry gives full site access to all the hangars, aircraft and land warfare displays

more details as this unfolds

contact Pete Lewis 01582 750943

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here's a link to some good clues about the re vamped american hangar


gives you a feel for what is just a small section of this museum




Marvellous link and write up Pete :)


I must try and make the journey over to Duxford this year in the TR, not been since about 2012.


Always an interesting place to visit? 

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Always pleased to see you

We do a good cuppa and bun fight for a donation well worth the return visit in september


we have moved from your last visit and now use a hanger base right in the centre, its being used for a

100yrs of Duxford so we will be on the grass alongside the row of outside aircraft as a back drop

Could be good


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all the plans are in place , hoping for a good turn out  at   Duxford IWM  September 10th   CB22  4QR


well the raffle is not  to be missed , we have a motley crew to marshal the cars   and note you will be on grass this year 

as the 100years of Duxford are using the old hangar base 


tea coffee and buns and cakes as usual for a donation to help us run this event , we get no funds from IWM  


 Bern will be doing  Club car Valuations  these cost £15 and last 2 years , the agreed value is logged with ( club panel) insurers to back up any disputed claims  , important if problems arise


hope to see many of you there 


gates open 10am  site closes 6pm  adults in a classic  £14  each for  full museum and site access plus a good few Triumphs.

and we welcome any other make ,  


Pete and the herts and beds team

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well we have the cups the spoons the cake and buns all getting ready for a sunny and happy day at duxford

if you have never been there is so much to see and at around £5 cheaper than normal admission,  with a load of Triumphs and others thrown in for good measure you cant beat this day out  

turn up pay at the kiosk , no pre booking   every car gets a lucky number raffle  , on top of the one we pressgang  you for 

refreshments for donations always welcome , we dont get any funds from duxford for running this  but have added £1 to the entry fee to fund this event ,  sorry about that but you cant do things like this on fresh air .post-14-0-20582800-1500396233_thumb.jpg

pete and the herts and beds team

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well were all set to open the gates , the forecast wont be a heat wave , but we should be ok with a bit of cloud , sunny spells who said showers,

if youre at a loose end this is one of the biggest collection of triumphs in one place and all the IWM collection apart from static 

aircraft is under roof, chuck in the benefits of   tea,  coffees ,buns ,cakes  ( we love a donation ) and a friendly natter what more could you want 

hope to see you all on sunday  

edit . ive had a few calls about pre booking,,          there is  none  just turn up pay on the day .... before 2pm 

or the gates will be  closed,  


Pete and the herts and beds team

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guess a full report in the Courier later but we had 82 Triumphs and 7 other marques  cars fill the grass , a fly over and circuits of Spitfires and  others , Sally B  returned , many thanks to all who attended 

and much more , we made 110  filled bread rolls 36  danish whirls 48 scones and 100s of cups of tea and coffee kept the the team  busy all day the weather held good till around 4pm when the wind really got going and we had to drop the gazebo's  but it was dry till about 5pm 



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A good day out with lots of planes in the sky too.

Whilst clearing up, we found a small Triumph leather key fob.  Looks like it has unwound itself from a key ring as the leather hoop and stitching is all intact. 

If it's yours, please identify the model of Triumph that's engraved on it and I'll try and get it back to you.

(Or maybe someone treated themselves to a new fob at the TSSC stand and their discarded one escaped from our bin in the wind!)


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