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New chrome door handles GT6


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Sorry if this has been done before - I had a look on the forum.


A certain parts company is offering a pair of new chromed outside door handles/locks  for £156 a pair.  (Mk.3 GT6)


I vaguely recall hearing once that these aftermarket handles are not good quality and can snap.


Anyone with experience?


Would it be better to rechrome the originals?




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If your current handles are salvagable I would have them re-chromed; will be useful to take them to a reputable chromer and see what they have to say about the feasibility before looking elsewhere. May even be worth looking out for a decent set of originals that are in good condition; there may well be some of them around.


Some "new" stuff on the market is decent and a lot is less so.


Where are you located ??





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When having a bumper rechromed I asked about the door handles. Basically they said they could re-chrome and it would better than they were BUT aged /  pitted MAZAK does not take rechroming as well as new and the finish would not be perfect.


I decided to get a set from paddocks as I needed new locks - I've kept the old ones just in case I need parts.


As can be seen above there are some failures and successes!   

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