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Spitfire brake servo


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Hi all

Has anyone had experience of dismantling a Girling brake servo (as fitted to my spitfire).

It has been making the brakes stick on after application and not has not assisted the braking at all

I have removed it, all seems good as new inside but I don't know what to look for.

The servo although about 12 years old has only covered about 1000 miles.


Any help gratefully received


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most servo stick on due to the air valve not releasing, and  blocked filter 

or misalignment of the piston rod through the case.


having said that ive had tested servos of all types over the years on warranty work and  my aftermarket universal one supplied to all did exactly the same as you with the experience, delightful on entering a roundabout for a quick exit...noooo   youre stopping.  always a 2 -3 second delay


despite much strip and examine , upping  the air valve spring rate and ensure all is free , it was replaced in an air of unnatural giving up, 

the replacement was totally different  better assist and instant disengage ,,,, why....dont have a clue,



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B) not with Mintex 1144 pads and drilled/grooved discs they don't...................what an improvement on the old fade and worrying feeling when braking hard or on long downhill stretch with standard set up.........you don't realize how brake systems wear gradually and lose their effectiveness.

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