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Clutch Pedal Further forward than Brake Pedal


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Hi All, I've just noticed that the clutch pedal on my Vitesse 2L is approx 1" further forward than the brake pedal. It's fully back on the backstop, held by the spring. Is it because the car has a wrong clutch master cylinder? Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks. Pat

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if its on the pedal stop then one solution is to slot the cyl bracket and this allows some adjustment

and it will raise the pedal but dont remove the pushrod free play must have a little slack with foot off.


used good washers to support the slots.


If you remove the cyl does the pedal then line up ?

There are a multitude of nearly right after market alternatives out there , most need you to use the old push rod there could be a clue there .



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Thanks Pete, yes the pedal is on the back stop. I'm not quite sure what you mean about slotting the cylinder bracket. Do you mean slotting the master cylinder mounting bracket Pete? I'm still trying to weld in the floor pan Pete and that is how I became aware of the different distance between the brake pedal and clutch When eventually I get it welded in I can then get round to removing the cylinder. If only there were 48 hours in a day! thanks Pete.

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I had this on my Vit6 we slotted the bracket fixings that mount the brkt to the bulkhead platform and

they were opened up to about 1/2" slots , from memory the back stop is the pushrod up against the cylinder end washer and circlip, so moving the cylinder should change the pedal height

Dont go so far that the pushrod free float is lost

undo the bracket and move the cyl so you can see what you get and which way to move it


dont do this with the brake as more pedal loads , and note the brake bracket has a stiffening bridge

peice across the bracket, the clutch doesnt, otherwise the bkts are looking similar

they often get cross mixed.


While your under there have alook at the brake pedal switch the pedal should land on the switch fixing

nut and not rely the switch plunger , this causes a lot of switch failures as the pedal retuurn blows the switch apart


The aftermarket plastic unit should have a long nut on this .


many use a land rover near equivalent cylinder and these need a pushrod change to the original



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