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Electronic distributor in 2000TC


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Hello, Roger Harvey from Newcastle here, owner of 1977 Triumph 2000TC 'Honeysuckle' (featured several times in THE COURIER).

The electronic ignition and distributor have failed and are being replaced by the 'all-in-one' electronic distributor unit (GB type) made by Albertronic in the Netherlands and supplied by Rimmer Bros.

The high quality unit features a dial behind an Allen keyed cover with settings from 1 to 9 and various letters, to be set before fitting according to the car's vacuum curve and type/model of distributor it is replacing. The old distributor is Lucas type but carries no model numbers or other identification.

Does anybody know the vacuum curve values for a 1977 2000TC or which number should be selected on the new unit? Help here would be much appreciated. 

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Can the supplier not advise you? That is the normal course of action, they should know what they are selling? At least what advance each setting is.

Otherwise I suggest some time on google. The distributor should have an id number on it, assuming it was the correct distributor fitted. Pretty small numbers, but I have never seen one without. (or is this a repro distributor fitted, doesn't sound good if it has failed!)


Failing that, the advance curves are in the workshop manual somewhere, or certainly are for the models of car I have had. Worth double checking engine number as you need to match the distributor to the engine specification.

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they are in the WSM but need a engine number or dizzy spec number to give the correct figures


i guess its going to be  Lucas 45D6 41452  fitted from engine numnber  ME92301


45D6 41621 fitted from ML20001


do you have an engine number if the dizzy is coming up with blankety blank   ???

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