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Weber 40 DCOE throttle linkage for my GT6 mk3


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Hi all,

can anyone recommend a throttle linkage kit that will fit on my GT6 MK3 as I am a little concerned about the under bonnet clearance I currently have the standard single cable, but would be happy to use a twin cable and pedal block if that would work more efficiently.


The carbs are 3 x Weber DCOE40 151 on a Moss manifold.


thanks all





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Hello Steve.


In my younger days of all things that had to be Weber, I used a one-man band called Fast Road Cars; it's owned by a chap called Anthony Boshier-Jones, based in Wales.


He is an excellent chap to deal with being very knowledgeable and friendly; from humble beginnings he has built an excellent portfolio and client base. He sells direct and also via EBay.


Give him a buzz and I am sure he will be able to assist you. 


Here is the link:  http://www.fastroadcars.co.uk/store/


Good luck.



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Hi Steve, You've probably got it sorted?

But FYI -   I came across an advert by Webcon UK LTD the other day.  They've started producing 3 x DCOE manifolds for the GT6. http://www.webcon.co.uk/shopexd.asp?id=15175

I run 2 x  HSR Mikunis with 2 into 1 cable from Venhill. http://www.venhill.co.uk/Cables_-_Components_Kits/Universal_Cable_Kits/U01-4-125_UNIVERSAL_1_INTO_2_THROTTLE_CABLE_KIT.html

Might be of some help to you.




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