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Rear Spring Bush - Spitfire MKIV

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Hi all,


Having been suffering from a knocking sound at the rear (car not me) I have now replaced both driveshaft UJs, well the o/s is ready to go back on. However, whilst dismantling the o/s I noticed that there is a bit of play in the bolt that goes through the spring bush. So, the question is should there be any play in at all?


Just trying to see if anything else could be causing the knocking as the UJs seemed okay, certainly not the destruction of the needles I saw when the prop UJ went.


Thanks all. 

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The bolt has clearance to its bush tube , the tube is clamped tight in the upright when the bolt is tight

so no play when assembled there will be some very limited movement of the upright as the bush will

give a small amount if levered ,

but not free play


check the bolt clamps the bush tube and the upright bolt holes have not elongated

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  • 3 weeks later...

The upright holes were ok. However, having put it all back together the knocking noise appears to have gone!  


In the end I replaced both rear UJs, one seemed absolutely fine and the other had a very very small amount of play, one inner shaft oil seal and bearing.  I can only presume that the minute play in the bearing was the cause, or the fact that I stripped everything down and put everything back tighter. It also had two new tyres but I do not think they were the issue.


Either way it is one job of the list but now I am noticing the squeaky door/trim...

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