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Rolling Road for Lucas PI

Dave C

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 My GT6 has a 2.5 PI engine and a 123 programmable distributor.


I'd like to find a rolling road service with experience and expertise of Lucas PI, within travelling distance of Oxfordshire.


I've found Lynx AE (rollingroadtuning.co.uk) in Wellingborough, Northants.


Does anyone have experience of them?


Or any other recommendation?............

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Problemo ye got is the PI

v v few will no how to do any thing wid it.


And, best thing ye can doo befoer ye even contemplate going to a RR

is to get a PSI  gauge plumbed into yer system


either an electric one int car,or a mech one just int feed pipe to MU

this cos if yer pump aint giving 100+ PSi at WOT and high revs

then yer RR time will be total waste of time / money

as if its running weak, then there is no way it can be tuned at top end,or after 4.5 and WOT


NOTE, just cos a gauge reads 100 + at idle, or IGN on

dont mean it,ll be showing this at WOT an revs


yer injectors open at 55-60 PSI ,BEFOER any fuel gets into manifolds

so if pressure is down, its no gonna let much fuel in, as ijectors wont be open long enough,or squirt enough when open.


So, ask the RR folk if they no how to alter fuel settings for flow at WOT and also other RPM ranges

alter one ring, and it alters other rings with it


And,if ye got a dirty,or restricted air filter, this will mek yer engine run WEAK, not rich

its back t,frunt as to carbs wid PI, !!!





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No argument with Marcus

But because Lucas Pi is wholly mechanical, it can be set up on the bench, but you need the correct rig to do it.

The usual suspects have those rigs, and if you tell them your engine spec and how you will use it, they can 'tune' the M/u.


No need of a Rolling Road!

And for the same reason, and unlike Carbs, there is neither need nor benefit from fiddling with it thereafter.

Lucas PI is, despite its reputation, completely and long lastingly reliable.    It was untutored mechanics, Sir John Black was too mean to offer them training, even though it was the first petrol injector system anyone had seen, fiddling that got Pi that reputation.



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Unless ye got a fuel pressure gaugeplumbed in

its a waste of time, as fuel mix will effect spark timing.



get a pressure gauge plumbed in on a T bit, wid a long enough pipe t,reach into cabin

IF yer PSI is reading 100+ at wotan revs, then proceed

Its got t,be a v v good pump t,keep PSI up at WOT an revs

only 2 I no off, an I bet ye aint got either !!!


if it aint,then forget aboot owt else.

honestly, forget aboot it, ye be wasting yer time an LooT


been there fun oot,passing on hard earned info



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