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Gearbox Identification


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I bought a gearbox from eBay that was advertised as being for a Herald 13/60.


However, as mentioned in another thread it had a reversing light switch and as far as I know Heralds were not fitted with reversing lights.


The number stamped on the top of the 'box looks like CB 150805.




Does anybody know if this is the correct 'box for my 1969 13/60 ?

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Nope (at least not from the factory AFAIK)

But all the bits could be swapped from a vitesse/gt6 or suitable spitfire. Only the gearbox remote/switches needed.


So could this be a Spitfire gearbox? Were they the same apart from the reverse light switch?

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All three rails look and are the same the serial prefix denotes the spec of the box, any spitfire box will start with an F herald with a G

this will change ratio, s input shafts, output flanges to suit the model ranges its fitted too.


As said the switch bracket is a common fitment to support either a reverse or overdrive switch

on any of the model range be it herald spitfire, vitesse , Gt6 , Bond etc



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