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National drive it day - Who knew !


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After my father in law reminded me it was drive it day on the 23rd ( I really must pay more attention) he asked if he could stay with us in Bedfordshire with his Hillman Hunter as the Hillman owners club were having their AGM at the Shuttleworth museum in Old Warden. Once I had seen him to his destination I got chatting to several Minx and Hunter owners who had driven from as far away as Hampshire and kent. Added to that my Father in law had driven from Shropshire with a slight miss that we haven't sorted out yet. I started to feel truly humbled. In my defence I had been up for many hours having been fishing 6 miles out in the Thames estuary the night before and I hadn't had time to do anything with my Herald recently due to work commitments. After not much thought I succumbed and headed back home, moved two cars and a caravan on my drive and woke Chloe the Herald from her winter slumber , she wasn't happy ! For a start I had let the battery run down by leaving the interior light on so a pep up from the charger while I had a couple of tea , I had also started stripping the seats for refurb so the old seats went back in. the ones with no foam left in them which mean you might as well be sat directly on the chassis. Eventually she started and I squeezed her out into live traffic, I had forgotten how much fun this was. Of course I started noticing all the same issues spotted last year that I haven't dealt with , the vibrations from probably the prop although the engine mounts need changing and I'm not sure about that diff. I am very happy with the buzzer I attached to the indicators so no forgetting to cancel.  After a very enjoyable drive on which several other nutters classic car owners waved their approval we got back to Shuttleworth , I say we as my kids and even Mickey the Springer had decided to join me  for "drive it day ". We soon reached Shuttleworth again and decided against hijacking the Hillmans owners show and parked in a far corner, but being very friendly people we were beckoned over and found ourselves with various Hillmans , a rather lovely Metropolitan and closer to home a Stag. Earlier there were several Morris travellers and even an Austin Ruby parked  up. We treated ourselves to a hot drink while we watched some of the veteran gliders being launched into the air, some looking like the balsa kits I did as a kid. Frightening  ! there was one that looked like a wheelie bin with wings. All too soon we had to make our way home so forming up a very small convoy we headed off and travelled back via the hangers at Cardington to see the latest version of airship which is currently being tested, we also stopped off at the R101 memorial which my father in law hadn't seen.

All in all it was a fantastic few hours and thanks to the "drive it day" initiative I was reminded that our cars are meant to be used and enjoyed. It also shows how much comradery there is between the various marques so special thanks to those nice Hillman people for allowing a Triumph interloper even if I did race Imp's a while ago and drove some very nice GLS Hunters back in the day. Its made me even more determined to iron out the wrinkles and to place that order to the club shop for my new seat foams as soon as the numbness in my posterior subsides. 









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I organised a DID from the Roebuck Inn at Laughton, East Sussex to the Kent & East Sussex Railway at Tenterden Kent - about 40x miles through the country lanes etc.


We had 26x multi marque vehicles doing the route and I noted four other classics out & about including a very nice BMW 2002 and a Ford Cortina Mk3 running as a pair; all but one of the four I spotted waved.


So not a bad result on all fronts to celebrate the day.





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I guess the main problem with my car is the nut behind the wheel. I need to get more adventurous and get out more and further. BTW Im not avoiding the local Branch Pete honest !  just shift work that includes most Mondays. I like the look of that Roger Dudding collection, how come he is allowed all those cars when the wife wont let me have a second one.

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Its probably the wallet has some effect


he, s got over 20 aston martin lagonda , cos he likes them


and his dads moggie minor


having a long family background with Rootes we had Hillmans , Singers and Humbers, my first car was a Mk5 side valve Minx dads last were two hunters a vogue then his last a sceptre



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