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Vitesse Mk2 - club shop CV jointed drive shaft

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I am considering buying a set of these to hopefully stop the bouncing/judder sometimes felt, particularly when reversing. I have been advised that this effect is caused by the material from which the Rotoflex coupling is made. 

I had my prop shaft rebuilt sometime ago and this did not improve the situation materially, so my question is has anyone out there bought, fitted and used these quite costly items, and if so are they worthwhile? 


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clutch judder can evolve  from a number of places 

engine mounts 

gearbox mounts 

diff mounts

clutch cover and disc operating linkages 

clutch cover run out 

oiled clutch disc.

wishbone bushes 

tie rod bushes 


check the cheap options first,           prop shafts wont give you reversing judder 

donuts can, but i would hate to spend a mortgage and find its just the same 



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I'm with Pete on this one. I'm no expert but it seems unlikely that you'd get such a noticeable judder from the rotoflex unless it's damaged? Do you get the judder on full lock (tyre rub?) or just straight back?


I put a set on from jigsaw which I believe are the same as the clubshop. Yes, expensive, but I don't need to worry about the rotoflex degrading. Not perfect, the cv boot clip rubs on the top of the chassis very slightly.


But then I'm still on points and haven't got round to electronic ignition yet which would probably be the biggest impact when done!


Cheers Adrian

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