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Ive lost the will to listen to this any longer

Pete Lewis

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stumbled across one of those american got to have solves everything daft sales video's




if anyone can stomach the pain of this incessant drooling they must earn a medal


this is a bright idea to restore all your dead batteries ....really   and if you get to the end  let me know what this gag costs



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Sorry Pete, the moment the clip started it was a big fat NO from me !! Hence unable to provide the net result.





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What torture!

According to another U tube listing " EZ battery reconditioning -is it a scam?" the video lasts 30 mins but I lacked the stamina to endure any more than a couple of minutes ,so I can't confirm that.

It also points out that the founder, Mr Ericson who is shown with his smiling family do not exist - they are just actors who can be employed to promote other products ( using same picture!) and the "satisfied customer" is also an actor who advertises on the net -he can be hired to endorse other products.


Reminds me of that book that you could buy on "how I made lots of money" or something similar -it was a book descibing how to write a book about how to make lots of money which you could sell to lots of people who would buy it to learn how to ......

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Pete, you mentioned a prize? So I let it run for about 20 minutes before re-reading and realizing you were recommending a medal on which I'm not so keen.


About 10 minutes in you lose the first guy and get another, you don't see him, just talking and diagrams on the screen. He mentions a third guy who may well pop up later, I didn't get that far.


You can't help but admire the actors taking part with such poor script material. They are selling an on line tutorial for battery reconditioning, price $47.


My uncle Stan used to revive dead car batteries by reverse charging them. He said this "knocked the crud of the plates" When charged the right way again they did work, for a while. A bit like taking amphetamines, great for a while but it'll kill you in the end.

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you wonder who makes this sh!t up,    Doug  bet youve got a wonder core smart   exercise fold up bike rack that tones bits you never had 

or the swiz and twist   rubbish advertised by Thane.tv    has the  same rhetoric  

pete   well the suns out and we passed 4 cars in the 2000 today   its going well 

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Exercise?!! :o Good lord, no!


Mother can no longer peel potatoes so I've just bought her an electric potato peeler. it has a rotating grater in the bottom, the spuds bounce around and come out skinned. Might get one myself. I can get you one cheap?


Sun's out here to, so I'm off out shortly on patrol in the GT.

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I want Me medal,!!

it costs ye 47$


*Click The Add To Cart Button Below Now To Get Started*
Order Here



Only $47 One-Time Payment

"Don't wait for shipping! Instantly download your copy after payment."

Butt, this is better, there lots of ways t,get a new battery,!!, ha haaa haa haaaaaaaaaaaa




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Heres your medal Marcus we all owe you a drink

Cant copy images on this silly tablet



edit  laptop power solves the technology 


Marcus you have to share with Doug as he found the price but didnt admit to watching till the end   ha !!   

now we need a booby prize aswell



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