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My brother saw a Spitfire on the club "for sale" board in early April, only been on a few days. I Emailed HQ and got him the telephone number. Brother phoned 4 time over the space of a week and left messages but never got a call back.  And yes, it was the right number. Presumably it's sold and the owner couldn't be bothered to pass that information on.


This car is still on the "for sale" board. There are cars that have been on there since January, surely they're gone? Is there no mechanism to take these ads down? Commercial "for sale" boards give you a week, if it doesn't sell you put it on again. The Courier has them and because the Courier is monthly, they last a month.


I don't understand why the club don't make the sellers re-advertise after say a couple of weeks. it must involve HQ in far more work passing on telephone numbers to sold cars. The whole thing is counter productive. There is no point in wasting your time looking, if you know the cars are probably gone. And so, nobody bothers looking.

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Good points, well made.


I think 2x isssues max and then automatically dropped, unless the seller conatcts TSSC HQ to reinstate the advert by the usual indicated date for receiving articles given in The Courier.


Simple system and minimal time wasted - which by its very nature puts the onus on the seller to monitor their advert and rightly so. That stance should apply to all items for sale and not just cars.


Additionally the same should apply to those with "wanted" ads. 


Certainly my view.





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I asked Bernard for a explanation so here it is   its a 3 month exposure.


Hi Peter
The Policy is to Remove ads after 3 Months Unless the advertiser requests us to Take the advert down earlier (If they Sell the Car) and to be honest most do as they don't want to pestered after the sale.
Reason for 3 months is we also supply Practical Classics ( Who Publish 13 issues a Year!) and their cover date is a Month in Advance of the Courier.
I've Been late removing the Jan ads this month as I have been Busy with the Shop and South of England Meet.
The Jan Ads have now been Taken down

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