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GT6 ignition light mystery


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My ignition light does not illuminate when I turn on the ignition,  however when I use the car and stop, 


turn off and then turn on again the light comes on. The light never shows while the engines running.


The alternator is charging fine,  I have cleaned the alternator contacts and tried a new bulb,  it seems 


as if something is temperature related.


Any ideas?    Thanks           John. 

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Unable to check the wiring diagram right now but if the bulb does not light you could have uncontrolled charging the wl monitors the cut in charge speed / voltage


ie a bigger bulb early cut in smaller bulb makes it later , good if you have wrong pulley sizes


doesnt help your problem.

if you disconnect and feed the wl lead from a battery the thing should light


sounds more like bulb holder and its earths is part to blame


or the regulator is failing



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