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Steering column creak ?

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1200 Herald Steering column has just developed a creaking noise at low speed/parking etc. It's coming from near the steering wheel centre.


I will squirt some WD in there at first opportunity but would appreciate any opinions on what's creaking. I'd like to lube the right bit first time !


There is no significant play, so I'm assuming its not much to worry about.


Cheers. ...

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the bushes in the column are rubber with a sort of bonded nylon tubular bearing surface  they go dry and can groan, i would use a spray grease or engine oil,  

WD and similar are a quick fix but has no life or any long lasting lubrication .


a smear of vaseline or grease on the horn ring while youre in there 


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I had creaking from the steering column, it seemed to be coming from the horn push. However, it turned out to be part of the wiring loom dropped across the steering column. Plastic covered wire against metal, squeaking and creaking. I re-attached the loom to where it should be, so it didn't rub and chaff. I guess Vaseline would also have worked. :lol: 

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