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Return to the fold - Spit mk3?


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Hi all,


I can't believe it's been almost a decade since I sold my GT6 and subsequently left the club. Marriage and three kids later I am pulling my hair out and on the verge of forty have decided to buy a Spit Mk3.


Not yet renewed my TSSC membership, but will do as soon as Christmas is over :)



Incidentally, after selling my Damson Mk3 GT6 in 2005 and moving from Aylesbury to Bournemouth, by sheer coincidence and happened to see my old car in the rush hour on the way out of Southampton! Chased the owner into the New Forest like a mental person and gave them a run down of it's history!!


Here's to a Triumphant new year in 2015...



P.S. I'm after a Spitfire Mk3 with good bodywork first, mechanicals second. Cash waiting for the right car.... :)



All the best,



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