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Diff to give an 1147 engined Herald longer legs

Tim Bell

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Bought a 948 convertible a while ago, but the engine was shot so have kept it for any future owner, but fitted an 1147 engine. The gearbox was also very tired, so thought to add an O/D gearbox as we'd done with 1147 Herald Estate which has worked quite well on longer runs (i.e. 60mph  instead of 50 mph which helps you keep pace with modern traffic better). 948 has different chassis though so O/D box not really an option. Thinking of a longer legged Diff, but what would it cope with? 948 has 4:55 ratio diff. Obviously a 4:11 would work, but don't have one of those and hoping 3:89 (which I have) might be OK for an 1147 engine. Also have a 3:63 but think that may be too long legged for an 1147. Just wondered what thoughts others might be able to offer on the subject?

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in diff ratio  talk n it would be  higher,,     eg  3;1 is a higher ratio  than 4:1  


as you have a 3.89: and a 3.63:1 you can try them all  ...when the suns gone down.


you will have to change the coupling flange on  either the diffs or the propshaft as Im sure the 4.55 is different

and also might also the  drive shafts bolts



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