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Removing the steering rack

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I've had my Vitesse for 6 months now and I'm trying to replace the steering rack with a recon unit. Haynes have been great in the step by step approach however when it comes to "remove rack from the side of the vehicle" it seems to me an impossible task? Can anyone help with some advice as to how to get the rack out in one piece?

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Hi Dave


I swapped my Herald rack earlier this year for a recon unit for its MOT, and yes, they can be a bit of a B to extract! I would imagine it is worse on a Vitesse with the longer block and deeper radiator. I found it useful to undo the offside engine side plate and lift it to give me more "fiddle room", and taking the track rod ends off also helped. On refitting, I found getting the pinch-bolt and nyloc nut which secures the column on to the rack splines on first, rather than bolting everything down also helped. Don't forget the earth wire for the horn or the earth strap to the rack U-bolt on re-assembly (which is, as Mr. Haynes always says, the reverse of disassembly! :))





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