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Triumph Herald 1360 Expansion tank


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I have a 1970 Triumph Herald Convertible 1360 constantly having to top up due to fluid expanding and running out of the overflow.

Does anyone have any advise regarding fitting and expansion bottle, please?

Which is the best to use? Where to put it? And any cautionary notes that I should be aware of?



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How much fluid is it losing? If you fill right to the top you'll obviously lose some through expansion, but the level in the radiator shouldn't fall by any great degree.

Small regular topups are part of Herald driving but larger amounts may point to fluid loss through some other defect.

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To make it work you need a double sealed rad cap


one to keep the pressure cotrolled and one to seal the cap seal to the top of the filler


if you are loosing lots I would look at the cap is it the right depth to seat the pressure washer on the base ofnthe filler

Is the rubber in good condition also check the vacuum valve is seated, its inside the main spring


fitting a bottle is not addressing the main problem



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