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TR Register International Weekend

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I don't think any club would welcome a 'rival' club doing that, without the courtesy of an invitation.


I'm more interested in closing the diaspora of Triumph clubs than provoking them, and in bringing them closer, reducing  the distance between them, and their rivalry except in a friendly way.

That needs an invitation from the host club, that could be asked for by a potential guest club.

  I know that CT have their own area, so TRR must have asked them to come!



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Ok so it's a sister Club doing their own thing. Maybe someone in the know was asked on a personal level?

I don't really think it's a case of "It's my party and you're not invited"... :)


Being closer is one thing but we're not joined at the waist. My mother used to say: "If your friends stick their heads in the fire, do you have to do it too?" A little diversity keeps the interest going....

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I am advised that the TSSC is ALWAYS invited, and ALWAYS invites, other clubs, to their Internatuionals.

They and the others don't always attend, for many reasons, but not animosity.


Which I am vastly reassured by!  Well done, the Clubs!   You talk to each other more than I thought - certainly than of yore.

The scattered Tribes of Triumph are a little bit less scattered.


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