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Clutch slave cylinder spring


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My brother has just bought a 1500 Spitfire and has started refurbishment. He wanted to start by re-veneering the dashboard :blink: which doesn't really need doing. I've persuaded him to sort out the clutch, carbs and exhaust which really really do need doing.


He's got the clutch slave cylinder apart and bought  the re-furb kit, only to find the internal slave cylinder spring is broken. There's no replacement in the re-furb kit, in fact the spring doesn't seem to be available amongst the usual suspects anywhere. Does anybody know where we might find one? The existing cylinder is in good nick and being a skinflint he doesn't want to fork out for a new one for the sake of a 50p spring.

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May be worth giving some of the usual master / slave reconditioning outlets a buzz; I'm sure they would assist if they possibly can.


I have some contacts if you are running short of such.





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