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TD Fitchett Website Prices

Darren Groves

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Just a little warning to anyone ordering from TD Fitchett and using their website to check prices, as there are several items which are incorrect.


I have recently ordered a number of parts from them over the phone, didn't bother asking the price as I'd checked the website that morning, only to have spent about £25.00 more than I expected.


Just a couple of examples:


Herald/Vitesse Rear Wheel Arch Repair Panels (Link)

Website Price: £19.50

Price Paid: £26.50


O/E Head Gasket (Link)

Website Price: £9.00

Price Paid: £19.50


I did then check their advert in the Courier and that is the same as what I paid, I checked a few other items as well, some were the same but many were different.  I'm sure many people check the traders websites to compare prices rather than printed adverts/brochures, so just be careful when ordering!. They were closed today so couldn't speak to them.




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How odd. I think they exclude vat on the site. However I use them as they are usually the cheapest! Best to ring them or call in. 


Website includes VAT, even at the higher price they are still a bit cheaper. I only phoned rather than ordered online so I could get a few bits that weren't listed on the website.

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The items on the website are selected by Tdf

not all parts sold by tdf are available online

its their choosing


the club gets a small handling charge to maintain and operate the orders which when received have to be faxed to tdf

who are not out of the Arkwrights brown coat era. If they dont keep upto date with data then the site

will never match


well something like that


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Part of TDF s charm  is its strength and its weakness. If you go to the counter and ask for a giggling flitch pin, they will respond with " Oh you want a 2134376y. just a tick. and return in a few minutes with the right part.In stock. The warehouse is huge ! The receipt will be hand written. I love ordering on the web, but TDF is a breath of fresh air. Might go tomorrow.......

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