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Removing steering wheel

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I would put the puller on front of the wheel.  The centre of the puller pressing on the end of the shaft and the legs pulling on the arms of the wheel.


Might help to put some of your favourite realise agent (WD40) on the end of the shaft, and have a cuppa while it soaks in, before having another go.

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Knees behind it, pulling upwards

Nut on the top of the column to prevent damage to threads and also to prevent the wheel from hitting you in the face, 

Spacer of some sort - try a socket

Hit it hard with a hammer

if that doesn't work, try a bigger hammer



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Watch your face!! Seriously -  if it gives after a lot of force it will fly forward and can catch you unawares!

Tap the spokes gently with with a rubber mallet from behind, close to the centre boss,  and you can loosen it gently, but any sort of pulling and forcing will make it release suddenly and it can hurt.


(A bit late now that it's off but it might help the next owner....!)

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