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Chasing leaks - water in the A-post!


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Seasons Greetings :)


I seem to have caught the worst of the leaks in the Herald, namely the windscreen although there is still a tiny weap, how the heck does it do it! :(


However, when it hammers down, I've had some water on the floor (front carpets out while it's leaking) both sides that has come from INSIDE the A-post.

Currently, I can't work out how the heck it's geting in there.

I do know thers a little leak from the washer jets and probably the wipers, but I can't see how water could get from either to inside the A-posts? It should just drip straight down.

The only thing that's just struck me, could water be getting between the A-post and the door and then getting inside the pilar through the hinges somehow?


Or :unsure: are the A-posts hollow up to the top and open to the headlining? :o

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The leak could be on the windscreen frame between the rain gutter channel and the frame, it only takes a pin hole.  It is a rust and moisture trap.  You could try sealing it with windscreen sealant or better still remove the drainage channel

repair the windscreen frame and pop rivet a new channel on the plenty of seam sealer. (As on Stag's) You won't see the rivets when all the rubber seals are fitted.

Hope this helps!

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