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seat mounting


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a rear attachment point for the passenger seat on my Vitesse has corroded to the point that the nut etc. to take the retaining bolt has come adrift.

It is likely to require the removal of some of the floor pan and then a new/replacement part welded back.

Anyone know of a source for the attachment that holds the nut?



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Sorry for the misread, I was taking it literally: Anyone know of a source for the attachment that holds the nut?

I'd still recommend Chic Doig for the actual floor bracket, if not one cut from a scrap tub then one remanufactured from new. I'm becoming quite impressed with the replacement parts they're remaking.

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I think I managed to create some of the confusion. The pic with the broken metal is the problem.

I do have the cage nut, well several, as all four cage nuts need to be changed.

This has the potential to turn into a long and interesting/confusing/why question!

I had a chat with the car mechanic who looks after my usual car, not that the Vitesse is unusual, and he offered the opinion that to make a new floor bracket would be very expensive and suggested the idea of cutting out a replacement from a scrapped Vitesse that might be in a breakers yard, but I am warming to the suggestion from Pete to use a long bolt and large washer.

Thanks for the ideas

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Hello Ean.

I'm not sure when your mechanic last visited a scrapyard but I think you will find a distinct lack of Vitesse's waiting to be broken for spares !!

When I converted my Vitesse to MGF seats I used the option that Pete has suggested and it works very well indeed.

The other option to consider is using Riv Nuts. These are compressed with a purpose made gun and fully secure to the metal panel / floor pan. The bonus of using these is that the Riv Nut's have a predrilled thread; here is a link FYI: https://www.spaldingfasteners.co.uk/rivet-nuts/




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i use rivenuts , they can be useful , not sure about using on single skin floor for a seat mount ,  

unless a good bit of titanic is underneath and rive nut through both.

long bolt and  big washer or some flat plate  is a simple and effective fix 

i would hazard a guess that the damage is down to years of loose fixing  and much shuffling , think... lucky they dont get used for seat belts  !!!!


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5 minutes ago, ean said:

Thanks all for your advice, had a look at the rivenuts website. I only need one plus the cost of the tool to compress.

The long bolt and large washer is more and more appealing.

You dont need the tool. It can be done by using a bolt with 2 nuts. Plenty of youtube videos to look at


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Use your existing rotten mount; find whichever size of bolt you intend to use then pack the remains of the mounting with one or more nuts of the same thread; go for a size that will fill the mount from side to side as well as from floor to top. If you know anyone who can weld, a tack will hold them in place. The bolt for the seat then screws through these upper uts before going through the floor and out below. A nyloc nut under a large washer on the underside of the floor will hold the bolt once fitted and stop it pulling through the metal, but the nut / s inside the floor mounting will strengthen it and prevent it from compressing as you tighten against the one on the underside, and so keep your seat level. 

Personally I'd still get Chic Doig to make a new mounting or get you a S/H one off an old tub.

Mick Dolphin may also have NOS ones.

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