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can a standard vitesse 6 box be used on a mk1 2 litre


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Simple answer - YES.


The main difference is that the 1600 box doesn't have synchromesh on 1st gear, whereas the 2 litre boxes do.

So if you can live with crunching into first, or double declutching on the down change, then no problem at all.


I'm sure that Pete Lewis will chip in with any other details of minor differences.

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Yes it is a direct swap, depends if you are happy as kevin says , has a whine and crash on first,

spirited take offs with the extra torque of the 2ltr might

overload the straight cut teeth.

the only difference would be the clutch release , if its still fitted the 1600 had a coil clutch and the release bearing carrier is shorter than whats used on a 2 litre with a diaphragm clutch.



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Do you have the earlier Vitesse '6' Gearbox?


If so and you want the reversing light to work you will need to swap over the Reversing light switch and bracket fixed to the remote change fixing bolts (The Vitesse '6' didin't have reversing lights as standard?), it should swop over ok though?


I'm not sure on this, but you may also have to swop over the rear drive Flange for the connection to the prop if it's an early 1962-1966 Box, the Vitesse '6' may have 5/16" UNF Bolts instead of the 2 Litre's 3/8" UNF Bolts.


As stated by Pete, the 1600 Box is not as strong as the later 2 Litre Gearbox (The 2 Litre box isn't renowed for its strength either!!) :(       

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Are you sure about that? I am certain that the prop used the smaller bolts and the biox and prop both used the "aquare" flange as opposed to the round. The output 1/4 shafts on the diff did use the larger bolts though....

http://www.canleyclassics.com/technical-archive/different-differentials/  covers the diff, 

http://www.canleyclassics.com/triumph-vitesse-1600-gearbox-mainshaft  the gearbox showing the small bolt square flange. 

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Clive , good point mine was with DType overdrive but prop was 3/8 both ends,


the diff 4.11 also had the larger output shafts , it was coded HB and around the 1964 age same as car so thought it was original,


this rides against much mis guided 1600 data about them being weeny


also hub bearings , another what was fitted and what was listed vary


the joys of aging classics

Wish I still had the Rorty Vit6 but needs and agism rules apply. Ha.!!!


where, s me slippers


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