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Electronic Ignition


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My Mk 2 Vitesse was failing to start after a couple of months laid up in the garage end of the year. Turns out to have been the electronic ignition failing and the chap who looks after my car has returned it to points etc. before Christmas. Just wondering if it is worth reverting back to the electronic ignition set-up. Apparently the kit someone installed was at the cheaper end of what is on the market and these are prone to fail. What are the pros and cons of each points/electronic and any kits to look out for at the higher price range that are worth having - I believe the Club Shop sells them.





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I would happily recommend pertronix (sold in the UK as aldon, just a sticker added!)

Cheapest place was retrorockets, paid in usd, but sent out from Guildford! (well, that was the last one I bought, good few years ago)


I believe it is aldon that the club sell.


Make sure you have a decent rotor arm too. The new black ones are truly rubbish, but the red ones are fine. There is an explanation on the "distributor doctor" website.

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Have used aldon from club shop, many locals have used the Retro R route with success and lumenition for many trouble free years



The cheaper end do seem to have less reliability, although many work, ok for ages


there was reports of the cheaper end not having the magnets accurately spaced around the stator.


and which eved you fit make a 12v supply if running ballasted coils,

but dont run an

6v ballast coil with 12v or you will kill the unit quickly due to doubling the current load of the coil.....



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From the various comments I have seen the cheaper versions that you can find on ebay seem to work fine for the 4 cylinder cars and cause problems in the 6. The cheaper one I originally fitted was binned very quickly, now I have a good quality one added with a full dizzy rebuild and it works brilliantly!



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