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Rear Leaf Spring

Darren Groves

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The "mod" is in such good condition, that I am reluctant to replace it ,Especially in view of the Cost!! plus I do not expect to be doing a great deal of "thrashing". My wife`s Old Vittesse used to carry 25Kg bag of sand in the Boot!. Which made some impression!.  I can indeed fabricate a plate, and the length of the studs will cope with that. Which is what I will likely do, I estimate that the plate is about 3/8" (10mm)? in thickness, and will be an easy fabrication. As you rightly point out most of the images on the net show the plate fitted between lower and second spring. And which would give the necessary clearance for the cross bolt.

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Update. There was in fact a plate, "found in a safe place"!!. (Senior moments!). Now fitted with New bolts, its near ready to become a rolling chassis after some More Removal of "CRUD", cleaning and a coat of Paint!. The Diff; has 3 New seals and only awaits arrival of 12 new Bolts for the U-J`s.



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