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coil or compensators?


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GT6 mk3.    After suffering from idling issues whereby after reaching normal engine temp, the idle will drop from a steady 900rpm for a second and  then correct itself -----  but sometimes die completely,  I decided to screw the compensators right down as Pete suggests.

Just returned from a test ,  I got a missfire/holding back around 50/55.   This continued into a 40 then 30 limit, until I got stuck in a stop/start jam when I had to keep revving it to keep up an idle ----- sometimes dying completely.  When the jam cleared it ran o.k to get home.

I have recently ditched the electric fan for a mechanical one,  glad I did.

I am now wondering if the coil is breaking down,  it was very hot to the touch--- almost too hot.   It's mounted  in the usual place on side of the block.

I have a spare to swap over.

Any ideas please,                 Thank you  John.

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if the comps were open a little then the idle mix needs resetting as the bypassing air will cheat the mixture set with them open

i would pull an air piston and check the diaphragm is intact, if its baggy wash in petrol to resume its shape

set the needles with the small delrin washer on the needle should be about level with the base of the piston.

hot coils...its bolted to the engine so it can take on engine heat and yes get pretty hot, ,,if you have a meter 

check the  12v ignition terminals   if ballasted  to 6v   its 1.5  ohms    if its a straight 12v feed then 3 ohms

if yo run a 1.5 ohm coil on 12v its gets very hot , doubles the current and HT with burnt points and blown rota arm due to excessive current and HT voltages .

but after closing the comps i guess you need to reset the needles , 




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