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Be thankful for a good, friendly forum... and strange tyres

Colin Lindsay

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... as the alternative seems to be as world of insult, foul language and trolling.

I kid you not!

I was sitting beside a modern in Tescos car park the other day and happened to notice that the tyres were named "Luckyland Happygalop". Seriously!

Prior to posting I thought I'd have a quick internet search on the tyres... and found reference in the AutoExpress forum: 


It's not the article, it's the endless abuse and pointless posts at the bottom, on nearly every thread / subject.

I know we often banter about and thread drift here but it's all good natured; hopefully we never get to that stage.


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Indeed. They're all around us.

On another site:

I asked for help with my servo, got some help, but three rude and aggressive responses "You don't need a servo!", which weren't at all helpful and actually incorrect. Remove a servo fitted as standard and that's an MOT fail. (Oh yes it is!) Strangely it doesn't have to work, but if fitted as standard, it has to be there.

I then fell foul of a guy who didn't like me calling a brake cylinder "an hydraulic rear brake slave cylinder"  "It's a brake cylinder, you moron!!" He kept on and on, wouldn't leave it alone. I posted a Wiki guide to hydraulics for him which called the item exactly "an HRBSC". Wow! The abuse that followed! 

Happens everywhere, started getting abusive mail from a guy, reported him and he was excluded. He changed his ID and carried on. Didn't stop till I told him I was a network engineer (true), I had his IP address (true) I know you've changed your ID (true) and I know where you live (roughly) and my son-in-laws are coming round to sort you out. 

It's like that "Living Dead" program, the zombies are all around us trying suck out our brains. 


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It’s so easy to be rude and offensive to people when you are hiding behind a username, behaving in ways that people would never dare emulate in face to face interactions.

Just makes you wonder how empty these people’s lives are that they need to get so emotionally involved in forum posts.

I have been involved in forums for the last 15 years, always hobby based, and have generally found people to be friendly and helpful, but then you always get one who has to spoil it.


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Try the eBay community for sheer rudeness. Most of them have a '0' after their user names, which I found out the hard way means that they use a name unconnected with their real trader names and therefore seem to have no feedback.

I went on and posted my first, and last question which was: "If I have to refund for an incorrect or damaged item, do I legally have to refund the postage too?"

The abuse was unbelievable, mostly around why the item was damaged, what a moron (or worse) I was for not packaging it properly in the first place, why didn't I go elsewhere with my stupid questions etc etc.

I then mistakenly replied as to why there was so much hostility?? Big, big mistake.

Every item I had purchased or sold over the last years was discussed, analysed, and derided, as was my nationality, parentage and supposed personal habits. There's no point in complaining as they just come back under another brand new user name. 


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Colin / Doug.

None of that surprises me and I have to say it is a situation that gets worse by the week if not by the day.

I do not venture in to any social media, other than a couple of classic car forums where thankfully the level of maturity, social standing and social skill remains beyond reproach; I would like to think that is generally reflective of the classic car community as a whole. One only needs to look at this Forum to see that is true.

Like it or not the numerous social medias that are now available and in the wrong hands is slowly but surely imploding acceptable social standards as time goes by. This has created a "monster" that is often purely used for abusive conduct, threatening intentions and a general decline in decent public / private acceptability. 

Some of my friends who were social media addicts have long ago dropped being involved with such. Initially they thought I was odd by not being interested, but of course have now been vindicated.

I accept fully that there is a place for social media, the Manchester terror act is a prime example with regard to confirming the safety of loved ones. Regrettably such important use is but a mere drop in the ocean, compared to the everyday diatribe that permeates this conduit which all witness far too often; be it directly or indirectly.

IMHO, of course.




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As a relatively new member of the forum, my first impression was that this is a rare oasis of calm populated by thoroughly decent people. A real joy. 

I don't do 'soshul meedya' at all but I'm active on another forum related to my work. There, maybe half are decent but the other half are unnecessarily confrontational or just plain rude or offensive. It's ridiculous. 

I'm glad this topic rose to the top of the pile,  I wanted a way to thank you all for making me feel so welcome without just randomly dropping it into another thread. 

Faith in humanity,  restored. :rolleyes:

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Agreed.This is  indeed is a  very civil place enlivened by a taste of good natured humour and  ocassional light hearted ribbing.

 I have  been able to benefit enormously from   the generous and helpful advice and  views from folk who obviously   have vast knowledge gained either from their professional life  or from extensive enthusiasist ownership of the marque.

This  is very successful.

It succeeds only as long people can  confidently ask questions  or comment without  being deterred by their queries being ridiculed.


1 There is no such thing as “stupid question”s - only inadequate answers.

2 If you can’t explain complicated things  patiently and simply then you don’t  know your subject.


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this is what car clubs  ( any club) should all be about, common interest , common enthusiasm, and a engineering dabble without the need of laptops ,fault codes 

just good common sense aided with  more or lesser years  experience ,  of Got that Tee shirt analogies and a few manuals thrown in for reference

so  do not ask what oil goes in the dashpots , or ive got tripple webbers to fit but no workshop manual  these are avoided   Ha     Pah   Happy Christmas


what about the girls stranded on a yacht for 5 months  they got no drift at all.

and miles from tracy island  !!


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On ‎29‎/‎10‎/‎2017 at 2:15 PM, hugh said:

This is the main reason I quit as spit reg sec some years ago there are some really nasty people out there 

Hopefully you will find things different now - All of the troublemakers have gone elsewhere or given up.

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On 30/10/2017 at 9:46 AM, dougbgt6 said:

Wow! DVLA will love that come the MOT changes.

"Is there ANYTHING original on your car? No?  Here's some Q plates!"

What the eye doesn't see, the heart doesn't grieve over. 

I generally adopt that mentality when it comes to anything to do with the government. I don't recall having to lift up the bonnet on an MoT.

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On 10/29/2017 at 7:06 PM, ShaunW said:

Owning a Dremel doesn't make you a dentist. :wacko:

Please.... not dentists.....

My local horsedoctor - a recent review claims that Phar Lap would receive the same level of care that we get, and that's not meant as a compliment - drills my teeth without anaesthetic and literally has me making fingermarks in the wooden arms of her chair. I think if she had a Dremel she'd be kinder, instead of the angle grinder she does use.

I'm back there on Friday 10th and won't sleep between now and then....

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