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Help....looking to trace old family car!


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Hi All,

I’m trying to trace an old family car. It was sold to a Bill Anderson in Edinburgh. Blue Spitfire. Has some sentimental value and looking to buy it for my other half. It was her dads many moons ago and her mum reluctantly sold it after he passed away. It’s showing as having a sorn so presuming it’s not being used but keen to trace down the owner, in the hope that he’s willing to sell. 

If anyone can provide any advice or support on this one, it would much appreciated. 



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I suggest you need to be a bit more specific about the identity of the car! and also dates of sale and so on.

How long has it been SORN? if recent, check on its last MoTs, that details where the MoT took place.

But without a registration number, I am afraid nobody here will be able to help. Unless Bill is on this forum! 

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 I guess you have used the dvla site to trace its alive   you only need reg number and make , it will tell you if or when it was last taxed or MOTd



you can ask Angie at Club HQ (if you are a member ) to see if he is a member and they have his address, they  may need permission from him to release that 

but an e mail may be logged you can use.




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I've just checked the Forum membership database, and there are no member names or email addresses that would indicate that Bill Anderson is a member of the Forum.

How long ago was the car SORN'd ?

When was it last MoT'd, and what was the MoT station number recorded, as this can give an indication of where the car may be as most owners get the car MoT'd within 10 miles of where they live.


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