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Winter Project

Darren Groves

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I fitted a new wiring harness when I first bought the car, so that's been in for nearly 20 years. All still fine, but over the years I've added no end of bits and bobs, but everything piece meal so it was getting all a bit out of control under the dash. Doing the EFI conversion last winter added a whole heap more wiring, so something had to be done to tidy it up.

Pictures below with the dash removed just show's what a mess it was, then with just the EFI wiring left in place.

This time I am going to custom build the harness with thin-wall cable to bring down the bulk and bring fuses & relays all into one area rather than dotted around.

Going to be plenty of head scratching this winter I can see.




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No need for Aspirin just yet, but I have completed the loom on the back for the back of the dashboard. I've added connectors at various points so if I need to remove the dash at any time in the future, I just need to unplug the 4 connectors leaving everything else in place.


I will also be using this:


I'm sure some of you may recognise what it is.


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11 hours ago, Darren Groves said:

It’s a pressure switch from a Hotpoint washing machine...:D

...allows you to use your manual washer pump to operate an electric washer pump.


...which is fine until you press it, then it's an hour-long 40 degree wash and your wipers fly off during the spin cycle.

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12 hours ago, Pete Lewis said:

Darren , do a quicky to Bern to fill a gap in a Courier 



Already with Bern, the chap whose idea it was had written a very comprehensive article, was part of using a Fiesta relay to add intermittent wipers etc. so should be in The Courier soon.




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Well I'm impressed with progress. I completely re-wired my spitfire last winter and it took the best part of 4 months to get it finished. I wish I had started from scratch like you because I was trying to adapt a standard loom to incorporate some superb wiring ideas form the equally superb John Bonnett. I think I have ended up with a sound, fully fused and relayed loom but it would have saved much head scratching if I had just worked from John's diagram with new colour coded wires; the thin wall stuff is great. Please keep us posted with progress.


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I've now run most of the wiring, just the radio & heated seats (for the wife you understand!) to sort and I will be ready to connect a battery and start testing circuits to see how many I've got wrong...:wacko:.

I think I may have over engineered it a little :blink:, but I can certainly say that everything, and I mean everything is protected. For those that might be wondering why so many relays, they are:

  1. Main Ignition 
  2. Hazards
  3. High Beam 
  4. Low Beam
  5. Intermittent Wiper
  6. Relay to Switch Intermittent Wiper Relay 
  7. Flashers
  8. Lights on Warning Buzzer
  9. Heated Seats
  10. 02 Sensor & Fuel Pump
  11. Megasquirt ECU, Injectors, Coil Pack & Idle Control Valve

I have also tried to eliminate bullet connectors where possible, I'm down to just 5, 3 of those being on the fascia lamp as there was no alternative plus a couple of others where I needed to join single cables.

Once the circuits are tested, then I can wrap in harness tape to tidy up.....









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So that's the rewire pretty much done, amazingly for me everything worked first time :D. I did have a few confused moments at the end of last week as every time I used my flashers, hazards or turned the lights on various items linked to the EFI ECU kept pulsing. Turned out that even though I thought all the earths were good, they weren't, so a bit of a rethink on routing of earth cables and that was sorted.,

There's still a lot going on behind the dash, but at least it's now tidy.





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So the final bit of this electrical job and that was to get the heated seat pads in. It was easier than I thought and probably easier again if you still have Herald seats fitted.

Cable ties make a good alternative to the hog  rings, certainly easier to fit.





















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