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Mk2 GT6 bonnet and Spitfire mk2


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Hi Oli,

The mk1 GT6 bonnet is a straight swap but I think that the mk2 GT6 bonnet uses the same hinge mounts as the mk3 Spitfire and would need some surgery to the hinge brackets. Somebody better informed than me (plenty on here) may be able to tell us if the hinge tubes could be swapped from your mk2 Spitfire bonnet to the GT6 bonnet with less work.


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Sorry I don't quite understand. I want to put a mk2 gt6 bonnet on a mk2 spitfire, what do I need to change to the spitfire bonnet hinges to fit the mk2 gt6 bonnet please?


Thanks Oli 

4 hours ago, DanMi said:

My spit mk2s bonnet was made for a mk3 with the sidelights, front grill and tubes replaced so yes it will work but you will need the mk2 bonnet tubes


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