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Repainting Instrument Needles


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I have purchased a volt gauge and dual oil/water gauge for my GT6 MKII and want to colour match the red/orange needles. I'm looking at Humbrol paints and can anyone recommend a match or is it best to mix 'n'match? 


Many thanks




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Hello Maria.

I needed the same for my other classic (red needle requirement) when swapping the ammeter over to a volt meter. Went to an art shop which I found to have a better choice, as Humbrol did not have the identical colour I needed. 

It's an expensive outlay bearing in mind how little you need !! It may well end up being a mix-n-match but hopefully you will be able to locate a single paint without having to mix.

Good luck.





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Hi all and  thanks for your replies and I will advise the outcome once completed. I am cheating however, and having them done for me by a gauges refurbishment company. They are doing other bits as well.

Anyway, in response to your query regarding my name. it is officially Maria, but my nickname is Meeze. It is rare that  people use my proper name and I think it came from my sister, when she was younger, couldn't pronounce Maria :ph34r:



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On 11/26/2017 at 10:23 AM, Pete Lewis said:

so Colin   your the great day approaches  ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, there is life after work 

  bring on the pension book 

         what happened to gauge painting  


I may take it up now I have lots of free time. Pension statement arrived this morning, I reckon I have enough to live on for the rest of my life. As long as I don't go anywhere or buy anything.

(I need a flat cap to go with my old-pensioner Herald-driver image though...)

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