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Brake Pipe Rubber Seal


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Many years ago, working on the Heralds brakes and not wishing to lose fluid when detaching pipework, I obtained from my local motor factor some small cone shaped rubber bungs that you could push into the end of the copper pipe and this would stop fluid loss and also made bleeding the brakes afterwards easier.

Does anyone know if these are still obtainable, or you have a better way of sealing the disconnected pipe?

Thanks   Patrick

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“Golf tees”  triggers ancient joke memory..

- Young lady is very impressed to be given a lift in a  a very expensive car whose owner is on his way to play golf.

As they glide  along he points out all the  special luxury  features of the limo.

She picks up two golf tees that have fallen on the  floor.

”Oh, What are these for..”

”They are to rest your balls on when driving”

“Gosh ,Rolls Royce  really do think of everything,don’t they?”

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Returning with boring pedantry to the OQ....

Find some tubing that fits over the male connector, or fits into the female end.

Cut short lengths, and fold them over so they kink.  A twist of wire to keep them there, and Voila!    Cheap, adaptable line seals!


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