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Super Flex Bush Fitting Vitesse Rear Trunnion

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Hi - has anyone fitted the SuperFlex bushes to to the lower rear wishbone trunnion that attaches to the vertical link? With the bushes fitted and the washer, I cannot see how they will fit as the gap is not enough. I know it should be a good fit but I cannot even get the wishbone on before I add the width of the washer.

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Thanks for the pointers but in the end I rang Superflex and spoke to their team. Apparently the washers are not required when the faces on the vertical link and wishbone are machined, so bushes can be fitted without them. The faces do though have to be very clean/no rust etc. I'd had it shot blasted anyway but have also applied an electric wire brush to ensure they are clean. Anyway all fitted and I'll see how they last, made a note of the name and of the chap I spoke too!

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