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LEAF SPRING TOP PLATE - Torque Setting ??


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For the Vitesse Mk2.

Is there a specific TW setting for the 6x nuts holding the top plate on to the transverse spring, please ??

Looking at the WSM there is an entry with "Spring-to-axle" = 28-30 lb.ft

Is that the WSM reference to my Q and do the nuts require tightening under load ?? My feeling is, that for the top plate tightening that is not the case.

Any advice gratefully appreciated.

Many thanks.



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I have always just done them up tight but not unduly so. I can't see a precise torque is necessary. 

On that note, as Pete regularly says, most spanners are designed so that reasonable force is correct for the nut/bolt size. However, I am sure there are std torque settings for each and every thread size. The figure you quote above sounds correct, and I would think the description is correct.

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Agree thats the  correct spec.

Any  normal hard face fixing would be 28-31 lbft.

Whilst the spring could be a more soft clamp that the figure in my manuals

I would tighten them in some rotational order  start with the two centre ones and re check again after a bit of running in to allow for  any settlement 

Which is  nice firm pull on a 1/2" ratchet wrench , with 2 shreaded wheat a strong one handed pull on one will get around 60lbft


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