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Grease nipples

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"Two sizes used on Herald & Vitesse. The small ones are 1/4" UNF, the larger ones are 1/8" BSP.

UJ nipples are nominally 1/4" UNF, but many replacement joints accept an M6 metric nipple."


From http://club.triumph.org.uk/cgi-bin/forum10/Blah.pl?m-1317967847/


Placed by a supplier I have bought from, angled ones are better for the front upright take care to replace the earth strap on the steering rack.

Plenty on eBay.





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and never grease the front trunions  


truinions used EP90 GL4 spec to fill the threaded trunion bush which holds oil as in a reservoir.


some leave the nipples in some remove and replug to prevent leakage etc.


grease is used on propshafts , drive shafts , steering rack, rear hubs bearings ( again a plugged port)


many have two grease guns one for oil one for grease   


and if youre servicing , an oil can for all the bits that move, door locks and throttle links


and one important one a squirt of engine oil down inside the distributor base plate as the top dizzy bush is not engine lubricated and these wear easily,  some have a felt pad in the base of the dizzy , just a squirt or two down below the base plate will work fine .




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I love belonging to this club!!

Many thanks for all the advice, it is much appreciated. I have a Moss Malvern with GT6 Mk3 running gear, but the further I delve into the way it was put together (very well for the most part), the more complicated things become as other components seemed to have been used. I`ll get there though!

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