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UNN 497 G Vitesse Mk 2 convertible


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Hi - I bought the car in July and am bringing it up to the best I can get it. I have its history since 2006 and know it began life in Jan 1969 but don't know much about it between those years!

It was first registered at F Mitchell in Nottingham and was originally Royal Blue, then red, then green, and now Wedgewood Blue.

If anyone knows anything about the car's background (I believe it had a big refurb about eight years ago when it gained its current colour) I'd be very grateful.

Incidentally, love the car and wish I'd bought one earlier!

Thanks in advance.




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You may already know, but it is possible to get history information held by the DVLA; if you explain your reason for requesting the information - there is a fee for this and it can take some time. The information sometimes goes all the way back to the old style log book assuming it was sent to the DVLA as it should have been in the 1970s when they were called in.



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If you are the registered keeper / owner of the car you can apply for historic PO information via submitting the appropriate DVLA form which is a V888.

It costs about £5 and takes approx. 14 days to return the information to you.

You will need to state why you require the details, and in fairness to the DVLA they do understand that owners of classic cars like to know the provenance of their current classic car; so that is where you need to pitch your rationale for the application.

I did a V888 submission for my Vitesse and it was certainly worth doing as I managed to contact a couple of PO's and one of them still had some old photos of the car which of course is the icing on the cake.


Good luck.


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Welcome Andy, Your Vitesse looks superb. Concerning its history about five years ago the club came concerned about the Data Protection Act and the info kept by the Reg Sec's. Hence we now keep very little info. As already stated your best bet is to contact the DVLA.

Thanks, Dave

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This is an extract from the latest FBHVC newsletter written by Ian Edmunds -


“Several people have drawn my attention to an unfortunate revision to the DVLA service to supply information about a vehicle in  response to a V888 request.  Up until September it was possible for a vehicle keeper to obtain all the registration history that DVLA held for that vehicle on payment of a small fee.  DVLA considered that researching the vehicles history was ‘reasonable cause’ for needing the information.


However, since September DVLA have revised the requirements for ‘reasonable cause’ and researching the vehicle history is no longer acceptable.  The V888 form itself has been revised to reflect these changes.  Further guidance on ‘reasonable cause’ can be found at www.gov.uk/request-information-from-dvla   We will discuss this further with DVLA but we believe that the General Data Protection Regulation does unfortunately leave them with no choice.  Thus, we have all lost a valuable service.”


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Thanks all - yes DVLA ignored my V888 request completely. Looking to try again but I think need to come up with a very good reason why I need to know. Thank you for all your kind comments on the car - I love it and how it looks. Was lucky enough to have it on the club stand at the NEC last weekend and in fact it celebrated its 50th birthday on Friday 9 November. It was made on 9 November 1968 according to the Heritage Certificate. Incidentally, they are great - don't say a lot but look smart and confirm it's an original engine and convertible chassis. Not that I ever plan to sell the car - but it's nice to know! The black folder is also useful to keep other key documents in.

Thanks again.

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