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heater matrix

david lewis

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hi all,

I took my  Delaney heater matrix to this guy this morning --


Littleton lane

shepperton middx

tw17 0nf

tel 01932 568816 contact Lee


he unsoldered the bottom of the matrix and you would not believe how the tubes  were blocked with crud even though I had  back flushed it several times,he cleaned out the tubes and then power blasted it then resoldered it and pressure tested it.

the cost was £45 plus vat.

he can also get a new modern  core to fit at about £100 plus vat.

he can do mail order with shipping costs about £10.

this is a real old fashioned place not like the sterile places you get nowadays and lee is really helpful.

I will try to post some before and after photos when I get back from holiday if I can figure out how to do it.

alli have to do now is refit the heater but I think it will have to wait until I get back

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Most of the original matrixes out there will be in similar condition inside. They have, after all, been in service for a very long time, and if they were a central heating rad in your home you would probably have replaced them long ago!


I tried back-flushing, kettle de-scalent and central heating de-scalent on my old matrix before I bit the bullet and got a recon (Smiths) matrix from Demisterman. As soon as I felt the weight of it compared with the old I knew the old one was kippered. I could not believe the difference in heater output when I fitted the recon unit. I had always just assumed that my car had a poor heater because that was what heaters were like in the 60s. The reality was that heaters in old bangers with ancient matrixes were like that, but when they were new they probably were not bad!


Having them reconditioned by a radiator specialist is just as good as buying recon if you can find someone who can do it. It is after all, in essence only a small radiator. Radiator specialists do a surprising amount of bespoke work when you talk to them. Our local one here does fuel tank repairs and radiators fro everything from a bus to a mini.




Steve C

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