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Abandoned, Impounded Triumphs


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A little while ago, a Vitesse featured on Facebook, plastered with "This vehicle has been abandoned, will be impounded and destroyed".

The car turned out to be taxed, tested and insured, just a bit neglected at the road side, so the local Council exceeded their powers in making the threat to seize and crush it.

But what are their powers, and if you did see such a Triumph and wanted to save it, what could you do?

It appears that either the Police, if the car is on the public roadway, under either the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, or the Council if it's off it, under the Refuse Disposal (Amenity) Act 1978, may take this action.  They have a duty to try to trace the owner and warn them to move it.  They are not obliged to destroy the car, unlike cars impounded under a scrappage scheme, but will be keen to dispose of it quickly, to avoid storage costs.

       So if you were to find such a Triumph in your town, contact both authorities as soon as possible, to make the case that it is a precious relic!  And, no doubt, that you will be able to buy and keep it, off road and not somewhere it will cause an eyesore!


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A good point John and I'd agree - make it known to both Police and Council that you're willing to remove it at your own expense for 'storage' - if you offer to remove it yourself you can have it, but then you may have problems if the original owner reappears and tries to claim it back, so get written proof that steps were taken to identify the owner and you obtained permission to remove it. You can then ask storage and recovery fees which the owner might not be prepared to pay, and may just offer the car instead to offset any costs.

Don't be afraid to contact local Police and make your interest known - many of them are Classic enthusiasts and see some amazing vehicles every day, abandoned, crashed or recovered. I seem to be the first port of call every time anything older than twenty years or so comes to notice in my local area... but I can't save them all... 




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