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Turning Engine Over by Hand


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Hi all, this may seem a dumb question, but what is the easiest way to turn a Vitesse 2L Mk2 engine over by hand, when setting tappets etc. I had been advised to pull on the plastic fan blade to turn it over, but that seems very hard to do. I was hoping to be able to fit a socket on the crankshaft pulley but with the fan in situ there does not appear to be a large single nut on the centre of the pulley.

There must be an easier way!

Thanks.  Pat

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3 hours ago, Colin Lindsay said:

If he can reach the ignition key whilst sitting on the front wheel... that's either some mod, or else he's got the arms of an orang-utan.. :)

To be fair, I was thinking more when you get back in the car and forget to knock it out of gear before starting it - as the thing leaping forwards would give me a trouser moment! :)


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