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History of NHY 626 F (13/60 Saloon)?

sami 13/60

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Hi Folks,

Does anyone know the ancient history of our 13/60 saloon, NHY 626F please.  I know it was in Bristol some 20 years ago, and then South Wales , but I don't know any details of that period, or where it was the first 30 years or so.

We bought the car in South London/Surrey from a club member who had owned it for a couple of years, having brought it back from Wales.  I'm hoping it may be known to other club members in the past who can tell me more.

I suspect it was part restored (maybe fully restored mechanically) and then left sitting, probably garaged, for many years, as there are many things that point to this.

Any information would be very welcome, thank you.



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