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British Rail Flying Saucer

Pete Lewis

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i dont know....  I    could'nt     watch  the end of living machinery  ....

better days train spotting , squashed jam  sandwiches ,, sooty shirts   , no   Ipads or silly phones , make you own lodgic  no stare all day at someone elses ,

just bikes and fresh air   with some soot thrown in , happy days 



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The patent specifically says that it relates to a space vehicle, so how BR got involved isn't clear, but I've heard of it before.

I suppose that BR were interested in the propulsion offshoots.    Trains propelled by jets of steam?   Or just electric power from a fusion rector, which has bene the objective of energy science since the '50s, and sadly has always been that far ahead.     The ITER project is the latest western attempt, thatses the Tokamak format and induction heating.    https://www.iter.org/

In America, they have spent even more on laser-driven fusion, but that may be a dead-end: http://www.sciencemag.org/news/2016/06/giant-us-fusion-laser-might-never-achieve-goal-report-concludes


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Just ordered a automatic , seamless 6 speed only 3 cylinders , so a bit like steamers, just count how many times you 

Declutch and stick shift on a simple journey,  so I save a load of calories

Adding a 5 speed increases the count , Colin  you would lose weight  dont do it we need to keep our stamina up


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