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Remote bonnet lock spitfire/ GT6

Unkel Kunkel

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Came across  these two pics on an American site showing a remote bonnet locking  device  for a Spitfire.

You may be  all familiar with this but I have never seen this idea before.I think it is rather clever.

Works by a bowden cable  and the rest of the components available from many donors at the breakers.

If the cable fails then the mechaism looks  to be accessible from an opened door.

The original handles can be retained for originality - or  presumably removed.



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Interesting... although going by the damage to the paintwork on the leading door edge, I'd say it's stuck a few times already...

Looks to be a right-hand-drive car? Going by the battery position anyway.

in any case I always thought it was difficult to steal anything from under the bonnet on our cars. As soon as any would-be thief raises the bonnet, he'll be surrounded by a crowd of interested on-lookers... :)

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12 hours ago, ShaunW said:

One question. Why? And what keeps the other side down? 

The why? is to prevent the more light fingured  and inquisitive members of society opening the bonnet of your car.Depends on where you park your car and where you live, of course.

There is a lock that can be fitted that was an official accessory ,I think  but it entailed putting a hole in the bonnet.

To the second question, I would think either the standard “cone” or a duplicate.

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I use the proper locks for the "lifters" on each side of the bonnet for my Vitesse - easy to install and work a treat.

In addition they also prevent "lifters" from self-opening if yours are worn and prone to do so when travelling over rough ground.

Have only used the locks abroad when the car is parked in a public place overnight.




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On 12/21/2017 at 10:01 AM, dougbgt6 said:

Colin, Shaun, 

I had a klaxon stolen from my GT6, to add insult to injury it wasn't unbolted, but hacksawed off it's mountings!



It's easier to take a hacksaw to a job than a bunch of spanners I suppose. If you'd been blowing your Klaxon early on a Sunday morning I think you need look no further than your neighbour :) 

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