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Triumph Herald 13/60 1969 - SWVA AUCTION


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Spotted this lovely looking 13/60 that is coming up for auction at the SWVA on 26th January. In October they sold an impressive looking Herald Estate.

It has excellent history and a warranted 32.8K miles; it would also appear that the car won best 13/60 at a TSSC event in 2008 - perhaps you know the car ??

Listed auction price 3.4K to 3.8K; but I reckon it will go closer to 5.5K if not in excess of that. It's probably the closest one can get to buying an unmolested 13/60.


A very nice post-Xmas pressie if you fancy a treat !! 



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I can't find any photos of it, and as I was restoring a 13/60 that year I'd have been looking for reference photos so I must have missed an excellent Herald. I have a long-distance photo of two candidates in the back two rows, but not much help as I can't make out the VRM on either, nor any other distinguishing marks.

Makes me pine for Stafford, that pic does... :(


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